Drain Tile Coquitlam

Drain Tile Coquitlam

Why Call Us For Your Drain Tile in Coquitlam:

If you own a home around the Coquitlam area, you may be surprised to learn that in all likelihood, there is a French drain tile system in place that keeps heavy rain water from pooling around your home’s foundation. While it's underground, and not likely to bring attention to itself for decades, there are cases when issues inside of the system can cause basement and foundation flooding that require professional help. These issues may come about from structural damage, from blockage to the system or from incorrect installation methods. Regardless of the cause, if you’ve noticed a problem with rain water not draining off in the way that it typically does, you should give us a call to take a look.

If your yard is not sloped or is subject to hardpan soil, you may wonder where the rain water goes after a heavy rain. The answer lies under the surface of the ground, in your French draw tile system. Drain tile in Coquitlam is the most common method of dealing with heavy rains, and it’s highly effective to handle even the most serious downpour. Your drain tile system is made up of pipes that direct the water down from the surface of the ground and then away from your home’s foundations. When properly installed, a system can last up to 50 years, provided the installer chose quality materials and calculated the slope of your land properly. If that was not the case, or if damage or blockage has occurred you may need to call in a professional.

At John G Plumbing, our technicians are highly skilled in the repair, replacement and new installation of French drain tile for Coquitlam homeowners. We know our customers expect to experience decades of function from their investment, and we’re careful to use only the highest grade materials for the job. We’re also skilled in the complete installation of new drain tile systems, and we have the skill sets to calculate for the lay of your landscape to ensure rain water drains off properly to areas of the yard where water can further drain into the water table unnoticed.

You may need to call us if you notice areas of your yard that are wet and spongy following a rain. If this is the first time you’ve noticed the problem, chances are there is a blockage in the system or damage has occurred from being driven over or from tree roots growing through. Our camera inspection process is the fastest way to get to the root of the problem and look over your options in repair or replacement to some or all of your drainage system. In most cases, an affordable repair is all that’s needed.

Our customers are happy to attest that our techs are the right choice for the job. Feel free to read through a few of our online testimonials to see why we are known for our work in drain tile in Coquitlam and its surrounds. We’ll save you money at every turn, and provide you with peace of mind that your system is being upgraded by professionals.

Drain Tile Coquitlam
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Drain Tile Coquitlam