Perimeter Drainage Coquitlam

Perimeter Drainage Coquitlam

Tips for Maintaining Your Perimeter Drainage in Coquitlam:

Tip #1: If you discover a problem, don’t wait. Manage any issues with your property's seepage the minute you find there's a problem. While it can seem tempting to ignore problems around the home until they can no longer be ignored, you’ll find that the best way to save money is to take care of problems the moment you discover them. Issues with your perimeter drainage fall into this classification. Water that is pooling around your home following a heavy rain is an indication that you need assistance from a plumber. Pooling water can break down soil around your home's foundation and create the need for expensive repairs. Call us at John G Plumbing for an affordable camera inspection of your drain tile system.

Tip #2: Learn the lingo. You’ll want to understand what your plumber is talking about when you call about repairs. It only takes a few minutes to research your French drain tile system to understand how it works and why it’s essential that it’s functioning properly. Many homeowners experience flawless operation of their perimeter drainage and never have to call in a plumber for a repair- don’t take the chance that’s going to be your experience. Someone could drive over your drain tile and cause serious damage you’ll need to have repaired promptly. Be sure you know what your plumber is saying when you call for an estimate.

Tip #3: Don’t cut corners. Call a professional plumber to make drain tile repairs, perform replacements or recommend new installations for the best possible results. One of the biggest issues homeowners face with their perimeter drainage in Coquitlam is from drain tile that has been improperly installed. Instead of materials and workmanship lasting 30-50 years, short cuts will result in having to make costly repairs over and over. It’s just not worth it to save a few dollars. At John G Plumbing, we believe in providing exceptional service to our customers, and that means doing the job right the first time- no corners cut, no compromise on workmanship.

Tip #4: Always perform due diligence. Ask around your community to obtain a personal referral from a friend or family member. Take your short list to the phone and call two or three plumbing companies or browse their websites to see how they measure up with the competition. You’ll want to hire a plumber that specializes in perimeter drainage. In Coquitlam, you’ll find our services are rated among the highest for customer satisfaction. Call us with your drain tile problems and we’ll discuss your options with you to determine the best course of action for a repair or replacement.

We look forward to your phone call and the opportunity to answer all of your questions. Feel free to check out our online testimonials located on our website or type our name in to your preferred online directory to see what the community is saying about our services.

Perimeter Drainage Coquitlam
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Perimeter Drainage Coquitlam