Repiping Service Tsawwassen BC,

Why the need for repiping service?

Why the need for repiping service? When acidic water corrodes the pipes, it leaves the pipes worn out thus leading to leakages. The leakages can further cause water damage and contamination as germs and bacteria will penetrate through the pores. Trusting John G Plumbing with your project will go a long way to ensure your peace of mind.

Repiping service process

When you get the services of professional plumbing services like what JOHN G. Plumbing can do, you and other homeowners are sure to be provided with reliable and safe ways of improving or fixing water fixtures in your home.

The first step

The first step in the repiping project is designing a new, quiet, efficient and affordable water pipe system. At John G plumbing, we mainly use aquapex(wirsbo) piping and if necessary we use type K of copper pipe ( boiler room, pump connections etc )

Next Step

Secondly, plumbing and a building permit are obtained. It gets followed by an informational meeting held by the residents. The plumbing staffs get introduced to the residents who are given notified in advance of the proceeding activities.
Final inspections get done, and necessary paperwork is provided. The company maintains cleanliness during the repiping process and offers maintenance for the newly installed piping system if needed

With the numerous plumbers in Tsawwassen, it is very challenging and overwhelming to find plumbing and repiping service that you can trust and that guarantee safety.
Before you decide on hiring any plumbing services, do your research.

Why choose us?

1. Affordability. John G Plumbing prices are always affordable and reasonable – in our industry.
2. Instant response. Water leakage is an emergency, we at John G Plumbing know that if there is a Plumbing Emergency we need to act fast!
3. Meticulous care.
4. Reliable and Friendly team.

Call us now at (250) 797-0858.
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