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When searching for plumbing services, people are actually looking for professionals who can provide service with a good reputation.
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Customer satisfaction is our top most priority at John G. Plumbing Inc. We don’t stop, we don’t give up and we never return home until our client gets exactly what they have been wishing for. From day one, we have kept our priorities straight and have kept customer satisfaction at the top. We have collaborated with the top most brands of the industry to make sure that there is no compromise on quality of the equipment even if the price is well within the clients’ budget.

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If clogged drain lines are left untreated for a long time, they can cause a lot of misery and sleepless nights. The drains can overflow or run over with sewerage water in the middle of the night or you can wake up to the smell of your entire house stinking like something putrid. Instead of holding up the issue for a later time, we suggest you call us as soon as the problem arises and have the issue treated as soon as it started.

Our team of plumbers is experienced in dealing with situations like these, and they can solve your issue within minutes of arriving at your home in Parksville. Our service fees are affrdable and worth ever penny when you sleep peacefully at night without the fear of your house flooding, toilet clogging, pipes bursting etc.

We assure you that if you call now, you’ll save loads of trouble later–not to mention the extra costs you can save with prompt action.

Why Choose John G Plumbing Inc. in Parksville BC.?

Residents of Parksville need to make sure that they are calling the right service to save their time and money and we assure you that we are the best choice.

The factors that set us apart from other plumbing services in Parksville include:

  • Our Reputation:
    Our reputation is perhaps our biggest asset, and that is only because we never fail at offering quality services. Satisfaction of our clients is our top priority, and this focus has gained us a reputation all over our service areas, including the city of Parksville BC.
  • Our Diverse Functions:
    Plumbing is our forte, and it is not limited to fixing and repairing faulty lines. Our services extend to replacing of pipes, installing water heaters, fire pits, kitchen plumbing, installing drainage systems etc. We are also conducting camera inspection as well to save property owners in Parksville from future troubles.
  • Our Affordable Prices:
    We genuinely care for our Parksville customers and our aim is not just to provide high-end services, but also do so at affordable rates.


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We are supporting our

Did you know?
City of Parksville got Recognized For its Enviromental Efforts.
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Peace of Mind:

Peace of mind is also what our company offers. We know that you cannot prevent plumbing, cooling, and heating problems, yet you can always increase longevity and performance with proper maintenance. We work with honesty and transparency. No hidden fees, exceptions or gimmicks because we know how to pay importance to our clients and consider them as our business partners.

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