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 We at John G. Plumbing Inc. offer excellent burst pipe service for the community of Coombs, Parksville, Nanaimo BC and the nearby areas.

Getting a plumbing service is important to avoid the occurrence of some plumbing issues and problems in your commercial or residential property. If you act fast – With our service, you might be able to avoid possible destruction caused by the water pipe burst. So, if you noticed the water pipe bursting then call us ASAP.

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We can help you deal with pipe bursting problems and water damages. We understand well your desire to protect your property against possible total destruction because of a burst pipe. Failure to get a burst pipe repair services may lead water to warp furniture, saturation on your flooring and may cause swelling on property’s materials few minutes of water exposure.

What are the Possible Causes of Bursting Water Pipes?

Water pipes are usually located in utility room and kitchen. There are several reasons why water pipe bursting happens. Whatever reason caused water pipe bursting, it is important that you immediately call a reliable burst pipe repair service provider. As a property owner, it is important that you know possible causes of water pipe bursting so that you can find ways on how you can avoid it.

Common reasons of water pipe bursting are listed below:

1 Polybutylene (PB) Pipes

You must be aware that plumbing pipe bursting may happen without giving any warning or signs. Since water pipes are usually under the exposure of continuous rupture and pressure whenever deteriorations occur in the pipe wall of your property. To avoid destruction, it is important you ensure that you have high quality water pipe. Polybutylene or called as PB Pipes are thin and sub standard pipes that you must not use. Polybutylene usually gets brittle easily because of the oxidant contents of tap water. Too much exposure from oxidants can relatively lead your pipes to burst. Other factors that can cause deterioration of PB pipes are improper installation of pipe, age of your water pipe, amount of Chlorine and characteristic of water. If you want to find out more about Poly B Pipes Check out this link 

2 Freezing

The temperature can also cause the water pipe to burst. During winter seasons of cold months, there are instances that freezing temperature can cause expansion of pipe and water freezes that may trigger the occurrence of pipe bursts as well. Weak joint and fitting of pipe can also trigger occurrence of water pipe burst. Frequently, pipes, which are not properly insulated and installed in attics, exterior walls and garages, are pipes, which can easily freeze.

3 Corrosion

The acidity of the water can also cause pipe bursting because it produces more copper piping and it can slowly dissolve pipe wall, which can as well cause pipe thinning. Under sizing pipe, electrolysis and high velocity of water flow are common reasons that can also cause failure and burst of water pipe. It triggers the occurrence of pinholes and pipe bursting.

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