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When searching for plumbing services, people are actually looking for professionals who can provide service with a good reputation.
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There is only one thing that is more troublesome than leaking pipes, clogged drains and sewer overflows and that is the constant repetition of the same troubles again and again.

For this reason, we at John G Plumbing Inc. focus on reaching the root of the cause and looking to provide long term permanent damage control. 

We use our high-end tools, skilled eyes and practiced hands at solving the plumbing issues of every client. We refuse to give up until our clients are satisfied.

We are partnered with the top brands of the industry, and we only use equipment of superior quality.

Plumbing Services in Coombs,

People will confirm the fact that drainage problems have a habit of showing up at the least convenient of times.

When you wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of gurgling water, or when you return home after a long day only to find your bathrooms flooding, there is nothing you will want more than a plumbing service that will reach you at your first call in your home at Coombs and provide a lasting solution for your plumbing problems.

When your kitchen sink is clogged or If a foul smell has been emanating from your kitchen sink, or your bathtub begins to clog every time you decide to take a bath, then we suggest you reach out to us immediately.

We provide plumbing services to all the areas in Coombs and make sure we reach there within minutes of your call. Our technicians gets right on the matter and makes sure that all plumbing needs are taken care of to save the client from further damage that will cost a fortune to fix.

Why Choose John G Plumbing Inc in Coombs?

In case residents of Coombs are wondering why they should call John G Plumbing Inc. to the rescue, allow us to help make the decision easier for you.

The factors that set us apart from other plumbing services in Coombs include:

  • Our ReputationOur unrelenting focus on quality and affordability has gained us a reputation all over our service areas. Our workers are connoisseurs when it comes to plumbing line problems. From our technicians to our inspection team, everyone has an eye for any sort of glitch and fault in the drain lines.
  • Our Diverse Functions: We are not merely a service that provides emergency solutions in Burnaby, but we also provide every service under the vast umbrella of plumbing. We are pros at the art of re-piping as well as providing drainage cleaning, general plumbing and gas and hot water installation services for our clients.
  • Our Affordable PricesWe care for our Burnaby clients and not only do we aim to provide them with long-lasting results, but we also aim to do so at affordable rates. We offer our clients to give us their estimate and we try to give our quotes as close as possible.

Don’t just take our word for it…
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Finding an honest trustworthy plumber can be hard! Take a look at what our past customers are saying.

I’ve used John G. Plumbing’s services several times and have never been disappointed. John and his crew are professional and quick. Just recently our water heater died. I contacted John G. at the end of the day, and by 8.00 a.m. the next morning things were arranged. A crew member was at my home by 11.30 a.m. with a new heater in tow, and completed the job quickly and efficiently. By supper time we had hot water. Thanks again, John. G!

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Ron Shewchuk / Review on Google

We have worked on many projects of varying scale with John G. Plumbing. Their pricing and workmanship is quite competitive, and John is very dependable. We would highly recommend their services.

Alex Henry
Henry Creative Inc.

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Alex Henry / Review on Google

John G Plumbing arrived precisely on time and at short notice, resolved our problems and did so at a fair price. They resolved additional plumbing problems we had on the spot while giving us advice on how to save money by looking for signs of problems. I would certainly use John G again.

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John Booth / Review on Google

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