What are Drain-Tiles and What is Drain Tile Cleaning?

This Service Page is explaining everything you need to know about drain-tiles and about drain tile cleaning.
If you have water or moisture problems in your basement perhaps you need some drain tile services to be done by a professional plumber.

Let’s talk about Drain-Tiles and Drain Tile Cleaning…

One of the most horrible issues that a homeowner can face is when they discover puddles of water in their basement or other enclosed areas of their home. Finding the symptoms of a leak can prove to be elusive and many issues are left unattended for years on end, it isn’t until these issues cause a foundation crack that people consider hiring the services of professional plumbers.

If the source of the leak is detected at the right time every home owner can save a substantial amount of money, but as mentioned before finding the source of the leak can be very difficult. This is due to the fact that the source could be anything from a leaky pipe to rain water, this is where drain tiles step in to alleviate every homeowner’s concerns. These drain tiles are specifically being designed to make sure that water does not accumulate in your basement, yard or any other area for that matter. These drain tiles have been around for quite some time now and now have become a core feature in homes all around the world, especially in low laying areas.

The Purpose of Drain Tiles

The purpose of drain tiles is to collect the water around the outside perimeter of the basement foundation and take it by gravity either to your sump crock where it can be pumped up or away from the house or if you’ve got steep sloping lot you can run the drain tile out to the lower area where your lot slopes down.

Where are my drain tiles located?

You might wonder where are your drain tiles located in your home? – well, it runs around the entire perimeter of your basement foundation it is typically installed just below the footing.

What it does, it collects the water and takes it to either the sump crock or if your lot has enough slope you can eliminate the need for a sump pump.


You probably agree that It is very important to keep the basement and your crawl space dry right? In that case, you make sure that you are maintaining your drain properly.
The most system will last very long if is cleaned and maintained regularly.

It protects your structure and it can save you big time.

We strongly recommend when buying a home that you call a professional to service your Drainage System

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Different applications

Since drain tiles have been introduced its applications have proved to be endless as it is currently being used in residential, commercial and agriculture settings. Some of the most profound applications of these unique systems are:

One of the key elements that limits crop growth is over saturation, basically the extra water levels kills the crops. But drain tiles can easily be used to rectify this issue.

Drain tiles are not being used as one of the most important components of irrigation systems. These pipes allow farmers to effectively distribute water to the appropriate areas.

Our backyards are often the first place to get affected by any water damage, but drain tiles can easily be used to protect such low lying areas.

Currently the most prominent application of drain pipes is in basements. It does not matter where the water accumulates from, these pipes will drain water away from the basement.



Includes perforated holes for drainage


Pipes are immersed in a bed of stone


The pipes are circular in shape


Drain pipes vary in size


PVC drain tiles normally include 10 feet of pipes


Corrugated ABS drain tiles are flexible and go up till 3000 ft.

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