Clogged Drain – Tips to Keep Your Drains Clean

Clogged Drain – Tips to Keep Your Drains Clean: Many sink drain pipes have a gentle slope which means it takes a certain amount of water and pressure to push waste past the slope into the main vertical drain line. When a small amount of water is used for the purpose of cleaning only the sink bowls, it usually is not enough water to push the waste through and clean the drain system.

The waste then starts to build just below the actual drain surface.
Small crumbs, grease, and any small or large debris can build over time and clog drain lines.

Small adjustments save big problems.

Use more water when rinsing the sink.
Instead of just rinsing the bowls clean, run water down the drains for a few seconds each time you clean.

Proper use of a garburator:Food Waste Disposal

If you have a garburator installed under your kitchen sink, both the garburator and the sink drain need a thorough cleaning. If you do not use enough water, food build-up will form in the garburator causing a bad smell, and it will make it hard for your garburator to function properly over time. While the pieces of waste are broken down, they cannot be flushed out unless you run a good amount of water through the system with each use. Food sludge in the garburator will also cause the drain to clog.

Do NOT wash grease down the drain:

Sure, hot water liquefies grease so it would seem that running hot water down the drain to chase grease out of the pipes would make sense. When it cools though, it turns right back to a solid again and will clog your drains. The best way to dispose of grease is to put it in the garbage. Use a tin can for grease drainage instead.

Keeping your drains clean is an important part of having healthy plumbing in your house. Regular drain cleaning will prevent annoying clogs from occurring, and it will reduce the stress inside the pipes that result from build-up along with the pipes’ interior, restricting water flow. Ongoing drain cleaning maintenance is the key to preventing clogged drains.

If you notice a bad smell or your sink starts to back up, the most important thing to do is call John G Plumbing right away.

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When a clogged drain is not looked after, a backup can turn to a more serious problem caused by pressure in the pipes. Water will always find a way to flow out and you do not want to wake up to a flood.

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