Clogged Sewer Lines: 5 Warning Signs of Clogging

Clogged Sewer Lines:

Clogged sewer lines can stop your toilet from working. A clogged sewer line may send your waste right up your toilet! No one wants that. The best way of preventing your toilet from getting clogged is to ensure that the sewer lines are in good condition. Blocked sewer lines can be costly, not to mention nasty, work.

You can avoid it if you are aware of the following five warning signs so you can call up a Professional plumbing company in Nanaimo, Parksville and Coombs to prevent the problem from escalating:


1 – Unexplained Clogs in the Toilet

Unexplained Clogs in the Toilet

If the toilet isn’t flushing even when the bowl is clear, it is a sign that there is a blockage in the sewer pipe. The waste is carried out through the sewer pipes from your home which means if the pipes are even partially clogged, your toilet won’t work.This is the first Sign of Clogged Sewer Lines

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2 – Unusual Smell

Unusual-Toilet-Smell_2JohnGPlumbing-comp- Clogged Sewer LinesThe toilet isn’t flushing even when the bowl is clear?
It is a sign that there is a blockage in the sewer pipe. The waste is carried out through the sewer pipes from your home which means if the pipes are even partially clogged, your toilet won’t work.

3 – Soggy Yard

Did you notice your yard has sewage water or is unusually soggy? Another warning sign that you need to bring in professionals to have a look at the sewer lines. The sewer lines in many homes have vents on the outside of the house, mostly situated towards the front yard. This means any unexplained water puddle must be taken into notice.

4 – Drain Making Noises

If there is a clogged sewer line then you would hear gurgling or other such noises from your toilets or drains when running water. This is because all the plumbing of the house is connected so if the sewer line is blocked or clogged, there will be problems everywhere. Moreover, you may even notice uneven drainage.

5 – Water Backing Up In Shower

When water starts backing up in different places with water fixtures like in the shower, there are high chances that a sewer line is clogged. You may notice:

  • Water backing up in shower or bathtub when a toilet is flushed
  • The toilets and sinks are overflowing with water when the washing machine is running.

A clogged sewer line means that the water has nowhere to go other than forcing its way back up.

A clogged sewer line can result in the damaging of your plumbing as well as different parts of your house if water overflows. Be on a lookout for these five main warning signs. Even if one exists, it is essential to immediately call up a trustworthy plumbing service like John G Plumbing.

Our plumbing experts at John G Plumbing Inc. will determine where the problem is and will unclog any sewer lines problem efficiently and quickly.
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