Complete Appliance Installation

It is not a DIY project

There are some tasks which a person can manage well all on their own while for others, they are required to seek and call for professional help. This mainly depends on the complexity of the task at hand, along with other contributing factors as well which influence such a decision. Appliance installation is a task which falls into the latter category.
It is better to call a professional.

Moreover, if gas-related issues are involved, the importance of doing so increases by a significant amount; one wrong decision due to a lack of inexperience could result in the potential to cause a lot of damage in the worst case scenario.

Thus, it is important to hire the best appliance installation service provider to make sure that the task is performed in the best manner possible, and without the slightest chance of an accident occurring.

Important Considerations when Buying an Appliance

However, before you move on to choose an installation service provider, there are some important factors you need to consider when purchasing an appliance. From the brand of the appliance to the warranty, these considerations vary from appliance to appliance. So, for your convenience, let’s give you a breakdown according to the type of appliance;


The main characteristics which need to be considered are its size, water usage, and heating capabilities. Choose one according to the dirty dishes you do after a meal, and whether the dishes you do are required to be washed with hot water to remove all the food particles stuck to the dishes to completely sanitize them.


Consider the electricity consumption, storage space, and functions that you make use of on a daily basis. If you have more than 4 members in your family, consider one which has a storage space of at least 10 cubic feet. Other than that, also consider the space where it will be placed since newer models tend to take up a large amount of it.

Washer, Dryer and Steam Unit

Consider whether you need a gas or electric-powered drying and steam unit, and a small or large capacity washer. We would recommend going for the gas-powered steam unit as it is around 40% cheaper to use as compared to the electric variant.


Choose on depending on the usage and cleaning schedule (i.e. more waste production will require one with a larger capacity).

Why choose us?

  1. Affordability. John G Plumbing Inc prices are always affordable and reasonable – in our industry.
  2. Instant response. Water leakage is an emergency, we at John G Plumbing know that if there is a Plumbing Emergency we need to act fast !
  3. Meticulous care.
  4. Reliable and Friendly team.


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