The Basics of Sewer Camera Inspection

A sewer camera inspection is an epitome of how technology has helped revolutionize an entire industry. Sewer lines are buried deep underground and in most cases have never been inspected until something goes wrong years after they have been installed. Previously plumbers would have to dig deep just to find these sewer pipes and even then they would have a lot of trouble trying to locate the problem. Due to the high degree of dexterity involved sewer line repairs and inspections were very expensive but now all of that has changed with the sewer camera inspection technique.

Plumber Using Plumbing Camera Inspection

What is a sewer camera inspection?

A sewer camera inspection is a service only offered by reputable companies such as John G Plumbing as they have attained a massive amount of experience in their line of work. These companies offer this service in order to ascertain the issue present in the sewer pipes and to find the exact location of the blockage or leak. Basically the professional will feed a video camera through the main sewer line or other plumbing lines to determine the exact location of the problem. The camera will display the video in real-time so that the plumber can easily find the problem and quickly come up with an immediate solution to the problem.

Do you require sewer camera inspection for every plumbing issue?

In simple words, you do not require this service in the case of everyday plumbing issues, the only time you should consider hiring this service is when there is an issue with underground pipes. Some companies immediately choose a camera inspection as the best route to locate the problem, but some companies such as John G Plumbing will only recommend a camera inspection when manually locating the problem will cost more. So only when there is a major issue with an underground pipe should you consider investing in this service or if you are planning on selling your house. A sewer line inspection will certify that there is nothing wrong with your municipal pipes.

Can you simply shove a camera down your pipe yourself?

Frankly speaking, a sewer line camera inspection is not a difficult task and can be performed by anyone with a degree of care. But the underlining reason why you should consider hiring a professional plumbing service such as John G Plumbing is – they have all the tools in their arsenal to get the job done to perfection. A normal camera might serve the purpose but you will require high powered light and immense understanding of the plumbing membrane in order to maneuver the camera inside the pipes. This is exactly why it is recommended that you sewer camera inspections for the professionals as they utilize high-grade cameras that have transmitters and lights in order to get the job done.

So if you are under the impression that something is wrong with your underground pipes, consider hiring a renowned company such as John G Plumbing in order to obtain cost-effective services.

Why choose us?

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