Hot Water Tank Removal and Replacement

Hot Water Tank Issues – The HOT showers you are taking aren’t so hot anymore?

The average life of a hot water tank/heater is about 8 to 12 years. When the time comes to replace yours choose the most efficient water heater and make sure it is large enough to serve your needs.

We removed a tank type hot water tank, a standard 40-gallon hot water tank and a domestic boiler that controls all the heat in the house, and we installed a single NAVIEN NCB 240 COMBI unit to replace both of those units.

The benefits of switching to a NAVIEN NCB 240 COMBI:

  • Efficiency rating
    You get their efficiency rating on two sides: you get it with your domestic hot water and heating your hot water that heats your house Your typical old boilers and your old hot water tanks are not very efficient
  • Space Saving Design – Occupies 80% less space than a traditional floor standing boiler and tank water heater
  • Ease of Operation
  • 1/2″ Gas Line up to 24′
    It feeds the unit, it is a 200,000BTU unit and we were able to feed enough gas with the ½” gas line. We are able to do that because of a negative pressure gas valve so that is a great feature
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
    When you add a large amount of heat to something it is a game changer. A lot of other units have a copper heat exchangers and when they are superheated they just don’t work and last as long. The calcium builds up a lot faster.
    NAVIEN NCB 240 COMBI is able to capture heat and retain it and use it in the efficiency of the operation so they don’t have to exhaust hot flue gases which is why we are able to use the PVC venting for that
  • Integrated Control Panel
    Very easy to use, very easy to navigate instructions are very clear and easy to follow
  • Integrated Boiler Pump
    Helps the system

The NAVIEN is the only system in the marketplace that can supply you with enough domestic hot water and enough space heating capability. It has a 199,000 BTU for the domestic hot water and up to a 120,000 space heating. (3 bedrooms 2 bathroom home anywhere from 1800 to 2000 square foot home)

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Tankless Water Heater FAQ

The system only heats water when it passes through intense flame without the need of a storage tank.

To know the right size of tankless water heater that you should get, you must take some things into consideration.
Here are the considerations when deciding for the right size of heater:
• Number of people who will use it
• Peak hours of usage
• Time of showering
• Usage of whirlpool or deep soaking tub and how much water is needed for it.
• Frequency and times of using hot water. (Ex. Using hot water at the same time)
• Hot water requirement for different needs.

For protecting the heater from any corrosion damage and avoiding gas leaks, new and proper venting for the tankless water heater is needed

Yes, tankless water heaters have greater BTU ratings than the conventional ones.

Heaters come with a warranty for heat exchanger within 12 years, 5 years for the parts and a year for the labor.

If you are interested finding out more about water heater systems please visit our Water Heater page or Tankless Water Heaters


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