How To Improve Your Home’s Plumbing System in This Winter?

How To Improve Your Home’s Plumbing System This Winter?

The winter is around the corner and it is safe to say that this winter in Nanaimo, Parksville, Coombs, Qualicum Bay we will have some cold nights and chilly days in store for us. Last winters were intense, and every homeowner shared the same complaint that their plumbing systems have actually made matters worse. Let’s face it, we consider warm water to be a luxury; however, in winters when warm water becomes a necessity, we simply cannot compromise in any way. If these plumbing systems malfunction or if a fixture breaks down during the winters, all hell breaks loose! This is exactly why we have created a list of actionable tips to make sure that every homeowner’s plumbing system works optimally during the winters. These tips are as follows:

Frozen faucet in winter, Plumbing System in North Vancouver

Run each faucet on a daily basis

When winters are in full swing, the first step every homeowner should take is running each faucet regularly. The reason why so many pipes burst during the winters, or why faucets start acting up, is because the water inside the pipe solidifies into ice. As the ice expands, the pipes start to crack. By running water through each faucet, these pipes will have enough water passing through them to ensure smooth operation.

Inspect pipes on a weekly basis

Most homeowners make the common mistake of only checking their plumbing system when something goes wrong. What they have to realize is that they can actually save themselves from repair costs, simply by inspecting their pipes on a weekly basis. Staying on top of things is crucial when it comes to your plumbing system as repairs can take a huge toll on every home owner’s expenses. Simply check your pipes and make sure that there are no cracks, ice built up or frost.

Consider investing in plumbing insulation

This is the most viable step if a homeowner wants to make sure that their plumbing system does not malfunction during the winters. These insulation services are offered at affordable prices and can be completed within a couple of hours. This insulation can actually help your pipes, both during the winters and the summers.

Drain all garden hoses and disconnect them

Garden hoses often have water trapped inside of them, This can freeze up, expand and affect adjacent pipes. Simply close the main water valve and drain the water out of all the hoses present in your garden. Furthermore, consider disconnecting the hose.

Apply weather stripping

If you want to keep your energy consumption levels down to the bare minimum this winter, then please consider installing weather stripping to your windows, doors and other entry points.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and you will keep your plumbing systems working at their optimum level throughout the winters! To learn more about how you can keep your plumbing system up to date keeping your budget in perspective, please call us at 250-797-0858 to get in touch with a representative from John.G Plumbing.


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