Plumbing Company Advice: How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Winter is Here…

Winter is here …homeowners in Vancouver Island must know how to take preventative steps to prevent frozen pipe bursts. John G Plumbing Inc, a leading plumbing company serving Nanaimo, Parksville, Coombs, Qualicum Beach cautions homeowners on the damage of frozen pipes and offers this advice on how to prevent frozen pipes from bursting in kitchens, bathrooms and different areas of the home.

“Owners might find it a hassle to take precautions, but taking the steps to prevent the pipes from freezing is the solution to prevent pipe burst during the cold temperatures,” said John, the owner of John G Plumbing Inc. “They will save a lot money ”

The kitchen, bathroom and basements are the areas to watch out for frozen pipes.

“Mostly homeowners will take precautions on exterior parts of their home when winter comes,” said John. “While it is important to take proper care outside, there still needs to be a focus on the inside pipes as well because they can cause huge damage.”

Prevent Pipes from bursting in the winter interior

Prevention in the basement

  • Use foam insulation to wrap all exposed pipes
  • To keep the cold air out you need to seal the basement as tight as possible.
  • Try not to use any antifreeze on pipes…they are not only useless but very bad for your health and the environment.

If a pipe does end up freezing, it is important to locate the water valve and cut it off. John G Plumbing proven system for preparing homes for winters has helped hundreds of residents to save on repairs and utility bills.

Prevention in the bathroom

  • Clean your tub and sink drains properly on a regular basis to avoid dirt and hair clogging up that will prevent water from draining properly Prevention in the kitchen
  • To let the warm air to circulate
  • To provide insulation invest in a pipe sleeve or heating tape.
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