What are drain Tiles?

This Service Page is explaining everything you need to know about drain-tile-services.
If you have water or moisture problems in your basement perhaps you need some drain tile services to be done by a professional plumber.

The purpose of drain tiles is to collect the water around the outside perimeter of the basement foundation and take it by gravity either to your sump crock where it can be pumped up or away from the house, or if you’ve got steep sloping lot you can run the drain tile out to the lower area where your lot slopes down.

You might wonder where are your drain tiles located in your home? – well, it runs around the entire perimeter of your basement foundation it is typically installed just below the footing. What it does, it collects the water and takes it to either the sump crock or if your lot has enough slope you can eliminate the need for a sump pump.

Drain-tile-services: You probably agree that It is very important to keep the basement and your crawl space dry right? In that case, you make sure that you are maintaining your drain properly.
Most system will last very long if is cleaned and maintained regularly.

It protects your structure and it can save you big time.
We strongly recommend when buying a home that you call a professional to service your Drainage System

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