The Different Causes Of A Clogged Sink

Every household has to deal with a clogged sink in at some point in time. However, they often end up forking-out substantial repair bills. The reason why such a simple issue can cost so much is due to the fact that most homeowners wait till the very last moment before they contact a plumber for a clogged sink in Nanaimo, Parksville, Coombs, Qualicum Bay. A clogged sink not only ruins the aesthetic facet of a sink but can also induce a variety of different problems if it is not immediately rectified. There are many different reasons why a kitchen or bathroom sink can get clogged, fixing these issues is crucial if you want your sink to function at its optimum level

The 3 common reasons why sinks get clogged

Most homeowners believe that using a plunger is enough to fix the problem, but this is a temporary fix rather than a permanent one. The only way a clogged sink can effectively be repaired is by understanding the different reasons why sinks get clogged. This is exactly why we at John G Plumbing have articulated a list of reasons why sinks constantly get clogged, these reasons are as follows.


The most common cause of clogged sinks is induced by food scraps. Most people do not even pay attention to the food particles that are being washed down the kitchen sink and end up draining food scraps that clog the main pipeline. With time this food slowly builds up and clogs the sink to such an extent that the entire membrane will have to be detached in order to clear the clog. Most plumbers can fix this issue within a matter of minutes in a cost-effective manner, as long as you do not wait until the very last moment to contact them. In order to protect your kitchen sink from food clogs, consider investing in an environmentally friendly drain cleaner!


Another common cause of kitchen sink clogs is caused by grease. Grease creates sticky sediment that traps food and other particles and creates a massive clog in the main pipeline. With time this layer of grease keeps on trapping debris and in the end, creates a stubborn clog that can only be rectified by a professional. Even a garbage disposal cannot dissolve grease and there comes a point where the internal mechanics start to malfunction due to grease.

Improper installation

Most people do not know this but every plumbing fixture has to be installed to perfection in order to avoid issues like clogs. Most plumbers install plumbing fixtures like kitchen and bathroom sinks within a couple of hours, if they make one mistake during the process then the probability of problems occurring increases by a substantial margin. This is exactly why it is imperative that every homeowner only invests in profound plumbing services offered by a renowned company such as John G Plumbing.

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