What Homeowners in Vancouver Should Know About Repiping


Be aware of the following warning signs if you think your pipes are leaking – you might need repiping:

  •     Low water pressure or low flow
  •     Higher water bill
  •     Damp walls, floors or ceiling
  •     Water meter runs when water is off
  •     Discolored water
  •     Water stains on tub or sink
  •     Smelly water or musty smell
  •     Greenish color surface on pipes (green spots on the pipes)

What Causes Pipe Problems?


Slab Leaks
Slab leaks refer to water leaking through your foundation. If you hear

Acidic Water or High Water Flow
Acidic water can produce a corrosive effect on copper piping and slowly cause pipes to fail. This can impact the entire plumbing system with pinhole leaks

Undersized water system

Acidic water can produce a corrosive effect on copper piping and slowly cause pipes to fail. This can impact the entire plumbing system with pinhole leaks.


Why is it Important to Fix Pipe Problems?
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If you do not fix pipe problems, they can cause severe damage over time.

Some problems are:

  • Black mold,
  • Structural damage,
  • Increased insurance costs,
  • Reduced property value


The Solution is Re-Piping:

The long-term solution is repiping, complete replacements of the water supply system.

Benefits Of Repiping:

  • Improved Water Pressure
    You will notice an increase in water pressure when filling bathtubs and sinks. Your toilet will fill faster and your shower pressure will be much stronger. Increased Hot Water.
    If the pipes leading to your hot water repiping usually increases the flow into your hot tank, allowing it to heat the water much faster.
  • Cleaner Water
  • Low Maintenance
    A repiped plumbing system should be relatively maintenance free for years, saving you money on consistent repairs.
  • Peace of mind – Increase your property value!

Change to PEX piping: what are the benefits of PEX?

PEX pipes are very durable and flexible. PEX pipes offer a number of benefits when repiping your home:

  • resistant to extreme high and low temperatures
  • does not transfer heat as quickly as copper which conserves energy
  • resists scale build-up common with copper pipes, and does not pit or corrode when exposed to acidic water
  • more resistant to breakage caused by freezing than copper pipe
  • less chance of leaks and very efficient
  • water flows more quietly
  • provide fast flowing water and can reduce your utility bills
  • environmentally friendly
  • more cost-effective than copper pipe
  • safer to install because a torch is not needed to secure connections
  • more affordable than plumbing with copper because the material is more cost-effective and it requires less effort from Plumbers to install a new plumbing system using PEX pipes.
  • The Repiping Process in a Nutshell

  1.   Onsite Visit
  2.   Repiping Estimate
  3.   Preplanning and Installation Plan
  4.   Repiping Preparation
  5.   Repiping
  6.   Water System Testing and Inspection
  7.   Wall Repairs
  8.   Repiping Inspection and Completion

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Know if the Plumber you’re hiring is insured.

Licensed plumbers are insured. In the unlikely event of a mistake or emergency, you and your home are protected and damages are covered under their policy.

When looking for a Plumbing Company, make sure you are calling someone qualified and experienced to do the job.

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