Why is Important drain cleaning?

Important Drain Cleaning

Maintaining a home can be difficult, especially when it comes to Important drain cleaning. Most homeowner completely neglects their drains and only start considering their drains when it’s too late. What every homeowner has to understand is that each drain of their homes plays a crucial role in their plumbing system, if they are left to their own devices with time these drains will compromise the entire plumbing system.

For homeowners that have recently moved into a brand new home, we have some good news, you can easily clean your drains using chemicals. These chemicals are readily available in the market and are specifically designed to clear your drains from any debris or gunk that has formed due to the normal use of your drains. However, homeowners that have been living in their homes for more than five years should consider hiring a professional drain cleaning service. The reason behind this is the fact that with time the amount of debris and dirt that clogs your drain can only be cleaned using plumbing equipment.

Normal household products will not clean these drains and some chemicals might even further clog your drains! This is exactly why you should leave drain cleaning for the professionals. In order to clarify and ambiguities regarding the importance of drain cleaning, we have articulated a list of reasons that signify the importance of this service. These reasons are mentioned below,

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Clogged drains are a breeding ground for molds

Important drain cleaningThe first and most important reason why drain cleaning is so important is due to the fact that clogged drains are an invitation to molds and algae.

This mold is not only a horrible sight but is a serious health hazard as it triggers many different illnesses such as colds and fever. It is especially harmful for people that have respiratory issues such as asthma and can seriously harm your physical wellbeing.




Clogged drains can result in broken pipes

Another reason fo Important drain cleaning why you should consider hiring a drain cleaning service is because with time clogged drains can cause pipes to break!

With time the clogged debris finds its way inside your pipes and will slowly build up in different locations if left unattended the flow of water will put your pipes under immense pressure that will result in broken pipes.

You do not even want to imagine the amount of damage that broken pipes can cause and they will also require heavy repair bills!


Clogged drains will cause leaks in different pipes

Another common cause of kitchen sink clogs is caused by grease. Grease creates sticky sediment.
It traps food and other particles and creates a massive clog in the main pipeline.

With time this layer of grease keeps on trapping debris.

It creates a stubborn clog that can only be rectified by a professional.

Even a garbage disposal cannot dissolve grease. There comes a point where the internal mechanics start to malfunction due to it.


If you want to avoid high repair costs and want to make sure your drains are maintained to perfection consider hiring us for any type of plumbing issue including drain cleaning, please call 250-797-0858 to get in touch with a representative from John G Plumbing.

I hope you found value in this short blogpost about Important drain cleaning.

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