Low Water Pressure?

Low Water Pressure?

Do you have a Low Water Pressure? It means one or more fixtures in a home do not give out enough water flow. It is possible to have adequate water pressure coming into the home, and still have low water flow out of one or more fixtures – for sure it needs to be inspected!

Low Flow Water Fixtures

Low flow water fixtures are sink faucets, shower heads, and toilets that use less water per minute than older models. Low-flow water fixtures conserve water by using a high-pressure system to produce a strong or equal flow of water with less water than the older less-efficient fixtures.

Low water pressure?- in the whole house?

If every fixture in the house has low water pressure, the cause may be corroded piping, a restriction of the line due to a failed pressure relief valve (PRV), low municipal water flow or a supply valve that is partially closed.



John G Plumbing

  • Flow restrictors are small plastic or metal discs, about the size of a nickel, that are placed inside sink faucets and shower heads to limit the amount of water that is able to pass through the unit. Flow restrictors can cause weak water flow. It is possible that low water pressure in the home may be further restricted when using faucets and shower heads with flow restrictors.
  • Many faucets have an aerator or filter screen. This can also cause low water flow if it is clogged.


If you have low water pressure from faucets or shower heads, Call John G Plumbing to book an appointment to check the water pressure in your home.

We will make sure you have adequate water flow from all your home’s fixtures and faucets.

Small adjustments save frustration. Water efficiency is a call away.

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Troubleshoot Low Water Pressure

Check if all locations in your home have low water pressure. Check all the faucets.

  • The Bathroom, The Kitchen, The Basement and the outdoors,
  • Let the water run in all faucets in your home and see where is low the water pressure
  • Make sure you run hot and cold water…If your water pressure is low only with hot water, the problem could be with the water heater.

The problem might only affect one location. In this case, it might be a clogged faucet.
Call Us and we will be happy to help you solve this problem.

The PRV is located on the line where it enters the home.

  • Try to adjust it ( increase or decrease water pressure )
  • If the valve failed or broken – replacement may be necessary.

Check the toilet in all bathroom. Running or leaking toilets the most common source of water leak. This can be the root cause of a water pressure issue!

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